Jonathan Davies: A New Attitude, A New Player.

Jonathan Davies in action for Wales (Photocredit: Zimbio)

Welsh centre Jonathan Davies gives clues to his rapid rise in securing the Welsh centre spot and why he’s a real Lions contender for the 2013 tour.

On his attitude to “doing the extras”:

“I changed my work ethic because I thought that was an issue,”

Previously, I had a view that when we finished training, I had done enough.

“So, to improve, I took it on myself to do the extras, to work on the areas of my game I want to get better.

On how he’s developed in the last year:

“From a personal point of view, I sense I have got a lot more confidence in myself,” said Davies.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the last year. It’s been up and down but to be a part of everything has been great.”

On becoming a senior player at the Scarlets and developing a young backline:

I’m a lot more confident with everything. The more you play you feel a more senior member of the group.

“When you are young you look up to people but there’s more responsibility as a senior player.

“I feel one of the oldest. It’s almost come because of the group we have got – it’s quite young in the backs.”

It’s time for us to step up and lead the group behind the scrum,”

“I am really excited about next season. I have been in and out of Parc y Scarlets the last couple of weeks and the boys have been working extremely hard.”

Davies in action for Scarlets and Wales:

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